On November 6, 2018 elect Eddie Boudreaux, School Board District 2. Endorsed by the Jefferson Parish GOP and Greater New Orleans Republicans (GNOR PAC). A Veteran of the U.S. Navy Submarine force, Eddie Boudreaux will fight the increase in property taxes by putting forth common sense policies to ensure our teachers will receive the wage increase promised while promoting a higher standard of education. Incumbent Ricky Johnson supported a measure in September 2018 to more than double the property taxes already in place. I propose having the schools sell the uniforms and paying the teachers with that profit. When the government thinks that they are entitled to your personal property we have lost the values which make this country great. Eddie Boudreaux believes in a small sustainable, yet strong government which protects and empowers the rights of all individuals.​

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As a graduate of Helen Cox High School and lifelong resident of Gretna, LA. I know the struggle of the average citizen, because I am an average citizen.


Fiscal Conservative

Individual Rights