Eddie J. Boudreaux Jr.

Top 3 Goals: 

  My first goal is to put the students first, their education is paramount to the success of not only our community but our species. Holding the students to a higher standard to compete in a growing competitive market should be a priority. 

  Second, a functioning, transparent school board is also a vital necessity to this school system. Setting an positive example for the students to idolize will help with efforts to support not only the school system but the employees who are continuously overlooked for raises causing an attrition rate that will eventually become unsustainable. 

  Lastly, the school board has been in disarray for many years. In an effort to balance the budget. School board members should be restricted and limited from certain discretionary spending including travel expenses. My overall goal is to create a budget surplus while providing an excellence in education standards while supporting the educators whom dedicated their lives to the youth while providing a safe environment to do so.


"live free or die" has never rang more true when it comes to my political beliefs. A sustainable small government that protects the rights of all individuals is the goal.


Son of a transportation worker and housekeeper with one older sibling.

U.S. Navy Veteran

US Navy Submarine weapons Specialist.


  • Paul J. Solis Elementary
  • Helen Cox High School
  • Joseph A. Cuillier Sr. Career Center
  • University of Phoenix
  • Ashford University


  • Customer Service/Cashier at Rouses and Winn-Dixie
  • Front End Manager at Kmart
  • Manager at Family Dollar
  • Torpedo-mans Mate at U.S. Navy
  • Shipping and Delivery Support at Amazon
  • Independent Contractor (current)